Scale the impact of care teams through the power of patients

Imagine the impact if you had the time to call every patient every day to let them know what to expect, know, and do. Care teams would have real-time visibility into risk status and patients would have a superior outcome and experience. At GetWell Loop, we believe that patients are the most underleveraged resource in the achievement of better outcomes.

54% reduction in complications; 45$ reduction in readmissions; equals $650 Savings per case

Maximize Care Management Performance

Maximized performance requires real-time risk assessment to avoid an escalation of complications and costs. GetWell Loop's remote guidance and monitoring tools cover your blind spots and enhance your clinical quality.

Increase Revenue & Reimbursement Potential

GetWell Loop's customer data and external studies continue to demonstrate the clinical and financial benefits of remote patient monitoring. Based on this growing evidence, CMS and commercial payers are supporting a broad range of incentive programs to drive accelerated adoption of remote patient monitoring and care management.

CPT Code 99091 - Providers can be reimbursed for using HealthLoop through CPT code 99091 for Remote Patient Monitoring
92% of patients "extremely likely to recommend" their provider

Elevate Patient Experience & Grow Market Share

Growth happens when all patients are provided with an elevated experience, not just those who are most at-risk and located within the four walls of your system. GetWell Loop's enables your care teams to reach more patients and deliver higher quality interactions, leading to an increase in patient referrals and growth in market share.

Optimize Care Team Efficiency

Optimized efficiency is only possible when patients are directed to the right level of care at the right time. GetWell Loop improves patient and provider communication and coordination allowing care teams to reach more patients without adding labor costs.

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Readmissions Reduction


Complications Reduction


Likelihood to Recommend


PROM Completion Rate


Savings Per Episode


Start leveraging patients to improve outcomes