HealthLoop’s Guide to ROI

For an estimate of annual ROI, enter your volume of patients in the below box.

Elevate patient experience and grow market share

Reach more patients, deliver higher quality interactions and increase patient referrals, competitive differentiation, and market share.

Improve financial performance under bundles

Our early warning system for patients exhibiting signs and symptoms of failure, steers them to the lowest cost site of care.

Increase reimbursement and maximize revenue potential

Increase revenue under FFS by billing for virtual check-ins and RPM.

Patient Experience

Additional Revenue Generated by HealthLoop Patients


Average HealthLoop patient generates $123 in referrals

Bundled Payments

Cost Savings Under Bundled Payments


Average cost savings of $500 per episode

RPM Reimbursement

Additional Reimbursement from Virtual Check-Ins and RPM


Average reimbursement of $106 per patient

Total Estimated Return