AMIA 2018 Clinical Informatics Conference

May 8-10, 2018

Scottsdale, AZ

AMIA 2018 Clinical Informatics Conference

The AMIA 2018 Clinical Informatics Conference gathers other users, developers, and funders of health information technology. During this event, attendees convene to both share and learn about implementing team-based, integration healthcare driven by data, evidence, and best practices to improve individual and population health outcomes.

HealthLoop's Chief Medical Informatics Officer, Ben Rosner, will present at this year's conference on the topic of care coordination and communication. Join his session, Accuracy of Patient Self-report of 90-day Post-discharge Healthcare Utilization and Complications: Relevance to Value-Based Care, on Wednesday, May 8 at 4pm, where he will present results from a study in collaboration with Anthem, Inc. about the effect digital patient engagement has on health outcomes.

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