Memorial Sloan Kettering Collaborates with HealthLoop Patient Engagement Technology

July 26, 2016 – Mountain View, CA – HealthLoop, the nation’s leading automated patient engagement solution announced today that it was selected by Memorial Sloan Kettering to advance patient engagement at the recently opened Josie Robertson Surgery Center (JRSC) . Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center is one of the oldest and most respected cancer centers in the country.

Memorial Sloan Kettering (MSK) selected HealthLoop’s technology to engage patients with 5-star service and continuous communication from the date surgery is scheduled through a complete recovery. HealthLoop’s automated patient engagement technology connects physicians and patients with timely and actionable information throughout a patient’s journey. The company surpassed 248,000 digital patient touch points last month and has become a leading force in outcomes measurement and improvements.

The Josie Robertson Surgery Center is the culmination of years of research at MSK into standardizing complex surgeries that have traditionally required hospitalization and can now be performed on an outpatient or short-stay basis. Patients will be introduced to HealthLoop at the beginning of their surgical journey for tailored educational materials, pre-op instructions, reassuring and empathetic guidance, as well as frequent check-ins for compliance and feedback.

“We are excited about this partnership with HealthLoop, which will integrate seamlessly with Memorial Sloan Kettering’s goal of providing the best cancer care and empower patients to be engaged in their own care, — a principal mission of the Josie Robertson Surgery Center from day one,” said JRSC Director Brett Simon, MD, PhD. “The use of HealthLoop will allow the highest standards of care provided at the JRSC to follow our patients home once they leave the hospital, knowing they are being carefully monitored by their care team throughout their recovery.”

Collecting and analyzing outcomes data is also a key focus at Memorial Sloan Kettering. HealthLoop will be used to collect Patient Reported Outcomes (PROs) so the center can continuously improve quality and look for new ways to innovate.

“Healthcare should be all about the patient,” said Todd Johnson, HealthLoop’s CEO. “Patients are the most under leveraged resource in the achievement of better outcomes. They want the best result and to be able to connect to a care team who can check in on them when they’re facing a serious medical concern. We are impressed with MSK’s commitment to provide the best quality of care using innovative technology that can scale this level of high touch patient care for every patient.”