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The Challenge

Physicians use all their knowledge, training, and skill to help the injured and the ill recover. When those patients are discharged from the hospital, healthcare providers hope for the best. They hope the patients will mend and go on with their lives.

But hoping for a good outcome isn’t good enough. In a time when our healthcare delivery system is in crisis and a physician shortage is reducing access to care for more and more patients, we need to do better than hope people will get well once their care episode has ended. We need to ensure they get well.

Fortunately, we can ensure that people get well and stay well. It’s a goal that is not just within reach today but is already being attained.

Patient Stories

Empowered patients get better outcomes and are happier. At GetWell Loop, we strive to make every healthcare experience connected, informative, and delightful.

I was very happy with initial appointments, the staff was caring and helpful, the surgery not stressful and the follow-up was excellent.


Panorama Orthopedics & Spine Center

Excellent communication skills. Factual and direct when I asked about an issue. I felt confident I was receiving the correct information.


Southern California Orthopedic Institute

The care was great. The instructions were easy to follow and I knew exactly what was going on with my procedure. Things were very clear.


Kerlan-Jobe Orthopaedic Clinic

Everyone is extremely kind and helpful. And quick to help make sure you are taken care of if you had a problem. Doctors actually care about their patients and well being. They mean the world to me. And I know I am not just a patient...they care.


Froedtert & the Medical College of Wisconsin

I love the HealthLoop app and the check-ins, pre-op checklist, and resources -- really helpful. Also, whenever I post my own questions or comments to HealthLoop, or have called the office, I get a very prompt reply within hours or by the next day. This is a top of class team and office.


Arizona Bone & Joint Specialists

The doctor and his assistant were very accessible, by phone or through HealthLoop. The attention I received was never rushed and everything was explained clearly and thoroughly.


Active Orthopedics & Sports Medicine


Jordan Shlain, MD


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Director, Operations

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Taking care of people is an important job. We need talented and committed people to do it well. Together we work hard, laugh often, and are building something powerful that is already helping people get better healthcare.


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